A Texting Solution for every Business

  • Economy

    $59.95 / month

    2000 Text Messages

    Mobile APP - IPhone | Android

    Text enable Local or Toll Free Number

    Full Text Marketting Platform

    5 Keywords

    General Features

    Additional Purchases

    $0.04 cents/messages
    Toll Free Number $20.00 monthly

  • most popular plan


    $99.95 / month

    5000 Texts Messages

    Mobile APP - IPhone | Android

    Text enable Local or Toll Free Number

    Full Text Marketting Platform

    Unlimited Keywords

    General Features

    **Appointment Scheduling**

    **Text Reminders**

    Additional Purchases

    $0.03 cents/messages
    Toll Free Number $20.00 monthly

  • Enterprise

    Custom solutions

    Artificial Intelligent Chat Bots

    API Access

    Custom Reporting

    GEO Targeted Keywords

    Custom Programming

    Much more...

Now you can Proudly display on your website, business card or brochures "Text or Call" your Local Business or Toll-Free Number.

General Features

  • Unlimited Custom Coupons
  • Custome Keywords on COUPON (268766)
  • 2-Way Texting
  • Custom Signature
  • Auto Response Keywords
  • Mobile APP for IPhone and Android
  • Message Templates
  • Custom Kiosk APP Android Tablets & IPad
  • Facebook opt-in web widget
  • Premium Keywords
  • Facebook opt-in web Widget
  • Management Portal
  • Analytics
  • Birthday and Reward coupon
  • Send Weekly or Monthly Text Campaigns

General Questions

  1. Will this affect or change my phone service.
    No, Coupster is independent of the phone companies. Your regular and long distance telephone service will
    not be affected at all.
  2. How long is contract?
    We only have month to month service. No Contracts!
  3. How fast is my number ready for texting after I sign up?
    Your number will be active within minutes after signing up. We utilize a patent pending technology for authenicating the business
    number in real time.
  4. My Business or Toll-Free Number is already text enabled. Can I easily move the texting to Coupster?
    Yes, just sign up and after a few minutes your business landline or toll-free number will be active with Coupster.
  5. What is the difference Between Economy and Pro Package?
    The Economy Package has a limit of 2000 Text Messages. The Pro Package has 5000 texts. In addition, the Pro Package has a full Scheduling and Text Reminder platform.
  6. What are Custom Campaign Keywords?
    ** You no longer need a short code **
    A Business can have unlimited Keywords. We are first in the industry to offer unlimited keywords or any keyword to your local business number. Now, a business can have any keyword for their business phone number. For example, John's Pizza located in Manhattan NYC can use the Keyword "Pizza" to their phone number. Imagine, Text "Pizza" to Your Business Number, its Brandable and memorable. One can proudly advertise this in newspapers, flyers, radio, store window, social media and other media outlets. It's your number, why not advertise it!