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Company Profile

Coupster® is Head Quartered in New York City. Our texting platform serves all types of businesses. Our Text Marketing team consists of experts bringing their experience from various High-Tech text marketing companies. We are improving ourselves every moment to serve our customer needs in the best possible way. At Coupster®, we are dedicated to helping your growing business take advantage of all the text Marketing has to offer. We recognize that millions of small businesses need their own text marketing program where your customers are your customers. Coupster® will never cross market your clients or sell your database to other marketing companies. Our group of professionals provide you the assistance needed to help your business grow online. We know you want someone you can count on. At Coupster®, creating your Coupon Program is just the beginning. Your needs change as you become more successful. We'll help you grow your business with our Coupon Texting Platform. Your success is our success!

Company History

Coupster started in 2014 as SMS Coupon Corporation and was offering text marketing on 3rd party phone numbers which were used to send out businesses text campaigns. Our business customers were not happy with using a 3rd party number to send out campaigns because of the confusion it created with their main number which all customers recognized. In addition, these numbers were one-way texting and business clients could not text this number back creating more problems and confusion. Our Business Customers were wanting their main number to send out the texts. In 2017, we begin working on a technology to allow business local landlines and toll-free numbers to send out text campaigns as opposed to 3rd party numbers. Towards the end of 2017, we were successful in getting business landlines and toll-free numbers text enabled which allowed their own numbers to send out the text campaigns. In addition, we created an app to allow business customers to engage the business in text conversations which opened a new channel of communications with their client base.

How did we come up with the name coupster? We created a poll which allowed individuals to vote on a great name to replace SMS Coupon. For many months, we were back and forth with different names and we came up with name Coupster. We took the first 4 letters of COUPON [COUP] and the [STER] which means - denoting a person engaged in or associated with a particular activity or thing. Many of our customers enjoy texting mobile coupons because of its great success in getting new customers. Thus, we coined the name COUPSTER as a result.

We want to add a special thanks to the Owner of Budget Blinds David Cooper who sold us the domain name He sold us the domain because he believed in our concept and mission of helping businesses reach more customers through offering coupons on our coupon texting platform. David Cooper was using coupster for his coupster club he created. David has an actual Roadster / Coupster with the license plates [COUPSTER] in Ontario Canada. We at Coupster, want to personally thank David Cooper in allowing us to secure the domain name for our business.

Company Mission

Our main Goal is to help our customers grow and expand their businesses with our state-of-the-arttexting platform. We are dedicated to expanding and evolving our technology to give our customers a competitive edge over the competition. In addition, we are passionate of helping kids fight cancer. Coupster® will donat a portion of its Profits to the St Jude’s Foundation every year. It is our passion and vision to help those that can't help themselves!