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Your Business Number Sends the Deals!

Drive Traffic to your business by sending text messages to your customers.

Your customers opt-in via Texting "Join" to your Business Phone Number.
Your Business Phone Number is Text Enabled. This allows you to send out messages and coupons to your customers. In addition, you can do two-way texting with your customers. Drive traffic today to your small business with text message marketing. Make the best use of your marketing budget by targeting your SMS messages to your customers.

Search Engine Optimized Coupons

We list you in 14 Search Engine Coupons Directories which were built and designed to help consumers find mobile coupons via searching the internet. Couponing doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Do the best you can at whatever season of life you are in. Saving Money is what Search Engine Coupons is all about! Create as many coupons as you wish. Choose a keyword for your coupon. Your coupons will get found in all search engines. A client can search for a facial coupon in Roscoe Village and your business will be found this way.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the platform engine that exposes your brand to the right audience. We offer you tools to help promote your coupons through social media channels, our partner networks and coupon directories. For example, every coupon you text to your customer has a "Sharing" button. The customer click the sharing button and then they can add the coupon to their social media. Imagine this, you have auto rewards enabled with a default coupon and your customer shares the coupon on their social media channel. Next, a new client finds this coupon and opts-in, the original person or customer who shared the coupon will receive a coupon reward automatically. Your customers become your sales people. Best of all, it's fully automated!

SMS Marketing Tools

Website Signup Widgets
Our dynamic and customizable website opt-in widget can be placed on your website for fast and easy signup from visitors. If you have a blog, that's another great place to add the website opt-in widget.

Link Shortener
Don't waste limited character space with long links. Coupster® Link Shortener tool enables you to shorten your links to tiny URLs such as, which means you'll have more space to convey your message when you use your shortened URLs in your text message marketing. didn't work.

Facebook APP
We have designed a Facebook signup app for your Facebook Page, your contacts can opt in by filling out and submitting their details, thereby automatically adding themselves to your Coupster® account.

PDF Poster
We have the PDF Poster tool. This tool prints out a PDF Sign Legal size for you to put in your store window. You can also put it in a plastic sleeve holder on your store counter top.

Message Templates
Not all text messages are created equal. An SMS marketing campaign is all about the words. No images, no videos nor clever graphics. Simply words. So you need to take the time to find the right words to engage the recipient and drive them to action – all in 160 characters. As with any marketing campaign, there is no one-size-fits all; every brand and target audience requires a unique approach. Therefore, we allow you to create your own message templates that can be reused over and over saving you valuable time.

Android or IPAD Kiosk Tablet APP

We provide a KIOSK stand and Lock Combination Cable. The KIOSK is branded to your Business. You bring your own Android Tablet or IPAD. You can change the background image and you can setup the coupon deal for new clients opting in. In addition, you can change the colors of the buttons as well to match your business brand. After you login to an setup your KIOSK, you download the APP then install it. Next you login with your username and password click Start. Its Simply, Quick and Easy!

Web Control Panel | IOS APP | Android Texting APP

"Forbes Magazine stated that 64% of consumers want businesses to communicate with them using SMS marketing messages".

Now you can Text enable your Business Phone Line! It is now possible with Coupster®. Your Business Phone Line allowing 2-way texting between your customers.Your Customers Want to Text Your Business! We have created an IOS and ANDROID APP to allow businesses to communicate effectively with their customers. In addition, we have created a Web Texting Control Panel to allow a business to text via the Web using HTML5 technology. Communicate more effectively and efficiently with your customers via text, from the phone number your customers already know for your business. This is the most comprehensive 2-way text application available on the Market.Handle multiple real, two way interactive conversations without picking up the phone.

Texting Packages


What are Customers Saying?


"We've had a 46% increase in revenue."
-Amy, Coffee Cabin


"Our customers are very happy to receive our coupons monthly. We noticed a big increase in repeat business"
-Tammy L., Posh Beauty Spa


"We send out a push campaign to all our subscribers from our local number and we get a big response every time. Highly Recommend Coupster®."
-John, Tall Fashions


"Our Client's love sharing our coupons and getting rewarded instantly. We have seen a big increase in new clients"
- Paul, Big Saucy Grill


"Our customers keep texting our business landline. They mostly text - Have you any new coupons?"
-Ania, European Tan Spa


"It's amazing! People are finding our coupons in Google."
- Tom, Bowling Cave